Do-It-Yourself Kettlebell Review

My advent to kettlebells came through Tim ferries’ eBooks the four-hour body. he describes an experiment achieved using a do-it-your self-kettlebell made from elements discovered within the plumbing phase at the domestic depot.

I’m all about DIY whilst I will, especially if it approaches I get to construct a cool new toy. consistent with Tim the components are presupposed to a fee under $10, now not counting the weight plates. however, inflation has taken its toll due to the fact I paid in the direction of $18 after tax. that doesn’t consist of the rate of the plastic clamp I already owned.

the DIY kettlebell has two large benefits. first, it takes the guesswork out of finding out what length kettlebell to shop for 2 hand paintings. I was able to test with exclusive weights to discover a starting point I used to be comfortable with, finally selecting 20kg (44lbs).

second, it allowed me to establish proper swing form with a decrease weight earlier than shifting up to real working weight. the right form is crucial, due to the fact mistaken swing shape can cause again damage.

in case you don’t already have a historical past lifting weights or being lively, or if you are out of form, bear in mind operating with a licensed kettlebell teacher to get informed in the proper method. A DIY kettlebell also has foremost risks. first, usefulness is restrained to 2-hand paintings.

second, there are top limits to the load that may be carried out to the bar and how lengthy the bar will close. plumbing parts weren’t designed to maintain a dynamic load swinging in an arc. this places pressure on the steel that will finally result in fatigue and fracture. if you decide to pursue a normal regimen of kettlebell work, spend money on actual kettlebells or plan on changing your T-bar components at least once every four to six months.


The DIY approach is a great way to experiment with basic kettlebell work without committing to an expensive purchase, provided you have some weight plates to work with.

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