Kettlebells USA Metrixx Classic Kettlebells Review

kettlebells US were around for over a decade, and although they now offer a diffusion of fitness equipment their center enterprise has constantly been kettlebells. their metrixx line of solid iron kettlebells are supplied in two patterns – a “traditional” line that is more or less equal in size and coating to dragon door kettlebells, and a more modern “elite precision” line that has an exceptional style of e-coat and redesigned take care of. this review will recognition at the “traditional” model. the “elite” line is reviewed one after the other.

The metrixx classic e-coat kettlebell came packaged in a double-walled container with foam inserts around the cope with to preserve the kettlebell from transferring at some point of transport. like the metrixx elite, the classic has a totally easy end. there aren’t any substantive seams on the take care of or frame.

An e-coat is the most durable coating available on a kettlebell, and this coating does not disappoint. the coat has remained intact even after giant use and intentionally tries to damage it for the sake of this overview. in case you intend to keep your kettlebells in the garage or difficulty them to intense abuse, the conventional line is for you. I get the influence this issue might survive a nuclear apocalypse, even though I wouldn’t need to be around to discover.

the manage at the metrixx traditional is barely thicker than other similarly sized kettlebells, and lots thicker than the deal with on the metrixx elite. the thickness of the handle reduces the to be had space in the handle window, which makes it more difficult to apply those for two-hand swings than a number of the alternative alternatives checks. that is particularly actual for humans with large hands.

the coating is sticky, which helps with grip but also adds friction. like the metrixx elite, the conventional is fine used with a light quantity of chalk.


The metrixx conventional e-coat kettlebell is as vintage faculty as it receives as some distance as kettlebells cross. it’s a Russian-fashion solid iron kettlebell just like dragon door rkc kettlebells, however higher exceptional and decrease price. this is an outstanding e-coat kettlebell with practically bomb-evidence sturdiness, exceeded simplest by its redesigned more youthful sibling metrixx® elite precision.

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